Constructed from 1888 through 1907, the Fergus Falls State Hospital is architecturally significant as the most complete intact example of “Kirkbride-inspired” architecture in the United States. The complex embodies the design theories of Dr. Thomas Kirkbride, pioneering superintendent of the Pennsylvania State Hospital for the Insane. The linear U-shaped facility continues for approximately 1,600 feet consisting of a central administration building featuring an eight story tower, flanked by interconnected wings.

The Fergus Falls RTC once housed 2,078 patients on a self-sufficient campus complete with a farm, orchards, garden, bakery, power plant, and nurse’s quarters. The Kirkbride complex was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1986. Today, it remains the only iconic sample of the Kirkbride plan in Minnesota and is owned by the City of Fergus Falls.